Managing Your Reputation with Expert Insights

Discover the secrets to standing out, getting noticed and being chosen by leveraging the power of the spoken word in a very unique and specific way.

Presented by Steve Lowell, CSP

Steve Lowell has been speaking, entertaining and performing on the live stage since the age of 6. He has delivered thousands of paid speaking engagements, presentations and performances across North America to audiences of all sizes. 

For the past 20 years Steve has been training leaders, executives, coaches and professional speakers to master the stage and speak and present with influence and power.

Part of what makes Steve different as a speaker is that his keynotes and breakout sessions are highly interactive. He will teach specific skills for speaking and presenting effectively and then invite volunteers to the stage and coach them in real time right there on the stage.  The volunteers and the audience see instant transformation right then and there.

In addition to speaking about speaking, Steve leverages his 35 years experience in the personal development space to help people elevate their own performance by understanding the science of self-image and outstanding performance.

Steve is the author of "From Stage Fright to Spotlight".  He is a national director of CAPS and a mentor to professional and aspiring speakers around the world.

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    Managing Your Reputation with Expert Insights

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