CRM Secrets for Speakers

CRM technology has been around for years, but so few, harness the full power of what is possible. Whether you want to convert more leads into opportunities, get accurate business intelligence, close more deals or just get your day back, learning the strategies and tactics behind an effective CRM is key. Anders Boulanger CSP will share his tips, tricks, and hacks to optimize your time and generate more business by utilizing your CRM to its fullest potential.


Anders Boulanger CSP is the founder and CEO of Engagify. For nearly two decades he’s been travelling the world with his team of Certified Infotainers creating crowds of interested prospects and presenting brand defining performances in the trade show exhibits of the fastest growing companies. After logging thousands of hours at trade shows, he has codified engagement and now trains teams in engagement techniques so that they can deepen connection and command attention both online and off.

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