What is an Expert Who Speaks?

A 2-hour Panel discussion with Randall Craig, CSP, Shelle Rose Charvet, CSP, David Gouthro, CSP, and Greg Schinkel, CSP.

Your Host and Moderator: Lorne Kelton, M.Ed.

This module takes a deep dive into what it means to be an “Expert” who speaks professionally. The panel delves into 3 critical areas:

Part 1. What is “Expertise”? This is where we define expertise in the context of the speaking business. 

Part 2.  How Do You Develop “Expertise”?   Here we look at the pathways to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitudes to be considered an expert in your field.

Part 3. How Do You Deploy / Demonstrate Your Expertise? This is where the rubber hits the road. How does your expertise differentiate you in the marketplace? 

Module Curriculum