Writing, Marketing & Managing Your Non-fiction Book Project

Many speakers think about writing a book but can’t find the time. Other speakers have squeezed their thoughts into a manuscript but are uncertain how to get their book into print and distribution.   Some speakers have published a book but are unhappy with its reception in the marketplace.  Thanks to the self-publishing model, becoming an author has become easier - but in many ways, it has become more complex and confusing.   What is the “right” way to write, produce, market, and manage your non-fiction book project? How do you craft a customized plan that will guarantee your success?

Presented by Jeanne Martinson

Professional Speaker since 1992 and CAPS member since 1997, Jeanne Martinson is a best-selling Canadian author of 12 books.

To help other speakers and trainers take their non-fiction book from idea to global distribution, Jeanne wrote the book, “Hemingway or Twain – Unleashing Your Author Personality” and launched her indie publishing company, Wood Dragon Books (WDB) in 2015.

Since the launch of WDB,  Jeanne has worked with more than a dozen non-fiction authors to create meaningful, marketable, and readable books - with the least money, frustration and time possible.  

Module Curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Lesson One - Author Personality
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Advice for Extroverts and Introverts Authors
    • Advice for Pressure-prompted/Pleasure-prompted Authors
    • Advice for Early Birds/Night Owls
    • Lesson One Challenge
  • 3
    Lesson Two - What Makes a Book Good
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Lesson Two Challenge
  • 4
    Lesson Three - Your Book as a Business
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Lesson Three Challenge
  • 5
    Lesson Four - Traditional, Self, and Hybrid Publishers
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
  • 6
    Lesson Five - Research and Write Your Book
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Lesson Five Challenge – Clarity
    • Lesson Five Challenge - Research
  • 7
    Lesson Six - Editing Your Book
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
  • 8
    Lesson Seven - Marketing Your Book Before and After Writing It
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Lesson Seven Challenge
  • 9
    Lesson Eight - Repurposing and Repositioning Your Content
    • Video
    • PDF Handout
    • Gift Cerftificate

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