How to Write Unique Business Proposals

Presented by Greg, Schinkel, CSP

Knowing how to structure a Proposal could be the major factor in your speaking business' long-term success.  Avoid the common mistakes, learn to adjust when needed and create some highly unique and successful proposals.

This module will walk you through the key elements to writing a unique business proposal and breaks down the process to better help you understand your customer's needs and effectively communicate your solution.

Greg Schinkel is the owner of Front Line Leadership Systems in Canada and the USA. The company specializes in developing the leadership skills of supervisors, managers, lead hands and team leaders so they can impact safety, quality and productivity.

Greg and his associates work with many of the leading manufacturing and operations-focused companies in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

A graduate of the globally recognized Ivey School of Business, Greg is the author or co-author of several leadership books including What Great Supervisors Know, Employees Not Doing What You Expect and Fusion or Fizzle: How Leaders Leverage Training to Ignite Results.

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Greg is placed in the top 10% of speakers and trainers in the Global Speakers Federation.

The Front Line Leadership Development System includes engaging live training workshops, pre- and post-training impact metrics and access to the Front Line Leadership Video Library of more than 80 practical and informative videos. The entire system is created to help front line supervisors make sustainable improvements in their leadership approach and drive improved operating results.

Greg has a US Work Visa.

Training delivery fees are quoted in USD per person based on a group of 15-25 people being trained in a 1-day program. The all-inclusive pricing includes travel within North America, pre- and post-impact assessments, training kits and access to the Front Line Leadership Video Library for one year.

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Module Curriculum

  • 1
    How to Write a Unique Proposal
    • Welcome
    • Lesson 1 - Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson 2 - Before You Propose
    • Lesson 3 - Rush to Proposal
    • Lesson 4 - Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Lesson 5 - Goals of Writing a Proposal
    • Lesson 6 - How Much Detail in Your Proposal
    • Lesson 7 - Terms and Conditions
    • Lesson 8 - Understanding Your Customers Needs
    • Lesson 9 - Describing Your Solution
    • Lesson 10 - Unique Selling Proposition
    • Lesson 11 - Describing Yourself and Your Company
    • Lesson 12 - Options
    • Lesson 13 - Pricing
    • Lesson 14 - Extras and Addons
    • Lesson 15 - Executive Summary
    • Lesson 16 - Supplementary Information
    • Lesson 17 - Closing
    • Lesson 18 - Sample Proposal Templates
    • Handout - Sample Proposal One
    • Handout 2 - Sample Proposal Two

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