Visuals That Will Captivate Your Audience

Take your company’s presentation to a new level. Audiences and clients want more than just a PowerPoint, they want your presentations to be engaging.

Presented by Paul Vorreiter

Paul Vorreiter (Vor-eater) is a creativity and presentations expert with over two decades of graphic design, branding and marketing experience. He speaks and teaches workshops on creating better presentations using powerful but simple-to-learn techniques that take presentations from okay to outstanding. As a Creative Director, Paul used to lead a large group of designers and writers, but these days you'll find him in his Reflective Spark office drawing on sticky notes and usually mumbling something like, "How do we capture the audiences attention even more?"

He regularly works with corporations, creative agencies, non-profits, and professional speakers who want to grow their business, raise their presentations to a new level and land more deals. 

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Module Curriculum

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    Visuals That Will Captivate Your Audience
    • Welcome
    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson 1 - Starting From Scratch
    • Lesson 2 - Existing Presentations
    • Lesson 3 - Slide Secrets - Brand-it and Section-it
    • Lesson 4 - Slide Secrets - Simplify-it, Block-it and Stack-it
    • Lesson 5 - Slide Secrets - Humanize-it and Window-it
    • Lesson 6 - Slide Secrets - Split-it and Context-it
    • Lesson 7 - Slide Secrets - Built-it
    • Lesson 8 - Bonus Tips

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