A Guide to Great Low-Tech Virtual Programs

Clients want you for your expertise – not your tech-savvy. (Well, unless you’re speaking on tech-savvy…)

Have you been nervous about virtual programs because you don’t have high-tech gear or flashy online presentation skills? No worries! You can still deliver a program that your clients will love. 

In this session, we’ll be looking at how to provide great programs with the even most minimal, basic audio and video technology and skills.  

Chances are, you already have all you need for a great virtual program and, if not, we’ll talk about low-cost and low-tech ways to get you there.

Stop being afraid and start presenting!

Christopher Bauer is a clinical psychologist by training with over thirty years of experience as a speaker, trainer, author, and consultant on professional ethics and values-driven business strategies. Between coaching, speaking, and consulting, he has worked with front-line workers to senior executives and everyone in-between. Clients of Dr. Bauer have run the gamut from small and medium-sized businesses and organizations to every level of staff and management at Fortune 500 corporations.

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